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Dessert Lagrein for Easter

2018 Egger Ramer Lagrein 'Ottanta'

Just in time for Easter, The Restaurant Pendolino invites you to experience one of the most memorable wines that we import from Italy. The 2018 Egger Ramer Ottanta is a sweeter version of Lagrein, made in the passito style used for Recioto and Amarone.

Lagrein is one of the more profound wines of northern Italy, known for its velvety texture and rich fruit character. This ancient varietal usually strikes a chord with shiraz lovers, owing to the fact that the two are cousins and both are found on the darker side of the fruit spectrum. With its full-bodied, smooth texture, it will go beautifully with the dark, bitter chocolate featured in our dessert agnolotti, from the neighbouring region of Friuli.

While this grape thrives in many climates, Lagrein is able to reach its fullest potential in the tiny DOC of Alto Adige in Italy’s northeast. Artisan label Egger-Ramer Winery, nestled in the alpine town of Bolzano, are renowned for their exceptional Lagrein. In 2018, fifth-generation winemaker Peter Egger was awarded “Best Lagrein in Alto Adige”, a reflection of his commitment to and passion for this grape, as well as his remarkable winemaking ability.

The hand-picked grapes were dried for almost 3 months after harvest, followed by aging for 6 months in clay amphorae and a further 12 month maturation in new barriques. This process reduces the ratio of water to sugar, resulting in more concentrated flavours and tannins.

Deep ruby red in the glass, Ottanta entices with aromas of violet and wild berries, and is full and velvety on the palate with pronounced noble tannins, and fruit sweetness. This is a luscious style that offers hints of chocolate and raisins, but remains elegant and incredibly focused with an impressively long finish. With 30 grams residual sugar and intended to be served chilled, the Ottanta impresses as a dessert wine or as a strong red wine with gorgonzola cheese or robustly flavoured game meats. It would also be the perfect complement to Executive Chef Nino Zoccali's Friulan chocolate agnolotti from his first cookbook, Pasta Artigiana.

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