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2021 Monte Zovo 'Le Civaie Terralbe' Lugana2021 Monte Zovo 'Le Civaie Terralbe' Lugana

2021 Monte Zovo 'Le Civaie Terralbe' Lugana

Trebbiano di Lugana is a grape with ancient roots in northeastern Italy and is considered to be one of the more tasty, aromatic types of Trebbiano. While most styles of Trebbiano tend to be fairly simple quaffing wines, Trebbiano di Lugana is a highly versatile grape with a superior flavour profile. For this reason, a decisive switch was made to refer to the grape as Turbiana, to distinguish it from the plentiful, yet lacklustre Trebbianos on the market.

The very small region of Lugana is in the same general area as Franciacorta (where Italy's best sparkling wines are made), but further east near Lake Garda. The acid level is high enough that the grapes can also be used to make sparkling wine. The microclimate in the shadow of Lake Garda is ideal – the lake moderates the daily temperature range here on this tiny strip of land between Lombardy and the Veneto. The lime and mineral salts found in these soils can also impart an influence that might have you thinking the wine came from a coastal area.

With its combination of structure, generous acidity and minerality, Lugana is a white wine that can age beautifully. A good quality Lugana can be cellared for up to ten years or even longer, developing secondary characters reminiscent of Alsatian Rieslings. The Monte Zovo ‘Le Civaie Terralbe’ remains on lees for approximately 5 months before bottling, adding to its complexity and texture.

Straw yellow in colour, the wine immediately stands out for its fruity aromas, and its crisp, dynamic palate which offers tropical fruits, white pepper, and mineral notes accompanied by subtle vanilla. Full-flavoured, with rounded texture and balance. An ideal match for seafood antipasti, prawns and shellfish, but for an even more striking combination, try serving it with the area’s freshwater fish like trout, perch or whitefish. 

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