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Premium Rosé from the Italian Alps

As the mercury rises, it's time once again for springtime entertaining and crisp, refreshing rosés. Riding the wave of popularity for French rosé around the world, Italy is also becoming more invested in producing high quality rosé wines. A new industry alliance, the 'Rosautoctono' or Italian Native Rosé Wine Institute, was founded in 2019 in an effort to recognise and promote Italian rosé. Broadly known as rosato throughout the country, there’s a plethora of distinct regional styles too. For instance, rosé wines made around Lake Garda in Veneto and Lombardy are labelled as Chiaretto, whilst in Abruzzo, they’re called Cerasuolo.

In Italy’s spectacular northern region of Alto Adige or Südtirol, rosé is made from Lagrein and is known as Kretzer. This is the traditional Tyrolean name for the style, a reference to the handwoven basket or 'kretze' that was originally used to separate the juice from the skins. Lagrein is the region’s most significant grape, and also believed to be the oldest native varietal in this unique region. Here on the south facing side of the Alps, warm sunny days and cool nights ensure abundant freshness and flavour as the grapes slowly ripen.

Artisan label Egger-Ramer Winery, nestled in the provincial capital of Bolzano, is renowned for producing exceptional Lagrein. In 2018, fifth-generation winemaker Peter Egger was awarded “Best Lagrein in Alto Adige”, a reflection of his commitment to and passion for this grape, as well as his remarkable winemaking ability.

Made in the saignée method, the Egger Ramer Kretzer is pink to light ruby red with a pleasant, delicate aroma. Fresh and fruity on the palate with berry characters, this is a wine that will complement a wide variety of foods all the way from light seafood and white meats through to spicy curries. Undoubtedly the ideal drop for spring and summertime enjoyment, but you just may find yourself drinking it all year long.

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